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Top 10 Signs of Stress

Do you know what to look out for if one of your employees is suffering from stress?

If it isn’t dealt with immediately it could lead to further damage to the employee’s health. It can also be extremely costly, as an employee could claim damages. A post office worker was awarded £94,000 in a stress claim. His managers had failed to implement appropriate measures to reduce his stress.

Business owners and their managers need to be aware of these symptoms, in order that they can help the employee and prevent further problems. It is important never to make assumptions, but the following signs may be stress related:

  • Changes in their usual behaviour, mood

  • Change in how they deal with their colleagues

  • Changes in the standard of their work

  • Appearing tired, anxious or withdrawn

  • Loss of interest in work they previously enjoyed

  • Loss of appetite

  • Increase in smoking and/or drinking alcohol

  • Increase in sickness absence

  • Turning up late for work

  • Regular headaches

If you think one of your staff is experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to deal with is straight away. The first thing you should do is to arrange a meeting and this should be approached in a positive and supportive way as follows:-

  • Have it in a private space, where you will not be disturbed.

  • Thank the team member for coming to talk to you

  • Give them as much time as they need

  • Focus on what they are saying

  • Be open minded

  • Try to find out the causes

  • Think about how it can be solved

  • Be prepared for the unexpected

  • If necessary adjourn the meeting, so you can think through what has been discussed because making any decision.

Always encourage your employees to talk to you, if they have a problem or if they are feeling stressed.

Do you have a work related stress policy? For further information on work related stress or any matter related to human resources or employment law, please get in touch with Nichola at Tel: 07946 541606

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