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Social Media is your Responsibility?

Are you responsible for what your employees say on social media?

Does your company have a social media policy not only to protect your reputation and confidential data, but against accusations of discrimination, bullying and harassment?

Straightforward social media policies that have been clearly explained to employees are always the starting point, offering employers some protection in the courts should they ever need to discipline an employee.

A social media policy should provide guidance for employees on how they should use social media at work.

Any communications that employees make in a professional capacity through social media must not bring the business into disrepute, for example by:

  • criticising or arguing with clients, other employees or rival companies.

  • making defamatory comments about individuals or other organisations or groups

  • posting images that are inappropriate or links to inappropriate content

  • breach confidentiality, for example by revealing trade secrets or information owned by the business.

  • giving away confidential information about a colleague, client or rival business.

  • discussing the business's internal workings including deals that it is doing with a client or its future business plans that have not been made public.

  • do anything that could be considered discriminatory, bullying or harassing any individual, for example by making offensive or derogatory comments.

  • using social media to bully fellow employees.

  • posting images that are discriminatory or offensive or links to such content

  • excessive use of social media at work

If you would like a tailor made Social Media policy for your business contact Nichola Coulthard at Coulthard Human Resources. 07946 541606

Coulthard Human Resources helping businesses become great employers.

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