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When should you outsource your HR?

When should small to medium sized businesses outsource their Human Resources?

According to a recent survey around 63% of SMEs have needed help with employment law issues. Many of these issues relate to termination of employment for under performing employees.

As a general rule, when administrative processes start slowing down the productivity of the firm it is the time to consider outsourcing your human resources. Good employee relations are not simply "nice to have" but important to get right as they can directly affect the future revenues of your business.

Have you been wondered how to approach human resources? Outsourcing can give you access to skills, knowledge and support, and save you costs in the long run.

Many small to medium sized business owners know the frustration of spending time on non-revenue generating activities, including time consuming tasks relating to employment law such as grievances and disciplinaries, contracts, policies and procedures, benefits and compensation, rather than generating revenue for their businesses.

Do you want to avoid the call centre type operation where you speak to whoever answers the phone, or would you prefer a "face" who will know your business, staff and culture, who can be flexible in the service offered and who, by virtue of being a phone call away, can operate as if you have your very own HR department?

By and large, the cost of the service varies depending on the level of outsourcing required. If assistance is needed on a specific project, I will estimate the cost involved, or at least offer a range of costs within which it will fall. Alternatively, I may work alongside the business dealing with day-to-day issues on a retained basis, or, I may be called in to sort an "emergency" for which I charge an hourly rate.

If you would like more information on outsourcing your human resources contact Nichola Coulthard at or ring 07946 541606

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