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Reward isn't just about the money

The latest research into effective employee recognition has a clear message for business owners and managers, who will otherwise find themselves fighting high levels of employee disengagement , plummeting morale and loss of talent in 2016.

Employees want respect and recognition for doing a good job. They want to be asked their opinion and be involved in decisions, especially those that affect them.

Recognition can be broken down into 3 ways:-

Formal Recognition - is a structured or planned programme of recognition for a desired performance. Examples include CEO's Award, Employee/Team of the Month Award. This recognition can be significant and symbolic especially as it is typically presented in a public forum.

Informal Recognition - A spontaneous gesture of sincere thanks for desired behaviour or performance. Examples include a “pass round” trophy to acknowledge exceptional customer service, bringing in cakes/pizza to celebrate department success. These forms of recognition are increasingly more important to today’s employees than more formal recognition.

Day to Day Recognition – daily feedback about positive employee performance. Examples include walking round the office and telling someone they have done a good job on an assignment, a simple thank you in person or in front of others for a job well done. This is the ultimate form of recognition. It helps create a results oriented culture of recognition for your company.

If you want to keep your best talent you must take action. Human resources isn’t just about handbooks, contracts and policies. Email: 07946 541606

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