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British sick leave 4 times higher than rival economies

British Employees take four times more sick leave than rival economies – it costs businesses £29 billion a year.

Apart from the potential costs that are incurred as a result of high levels of non-attendance, an employer that takes no steps to manage attendance is likely to experience:

  • excessive disruption to its business;

  • demotivated staff;

  • an adverse effect on customer service;

  • customer dissatisfaction;

  • loss of productivity, profitability and business.

It is vital for all employers to have an attendance management policy as this demonstrates the importance the company places on absence.

The procedure you put in place should be triggered when an employee reaches a certain level of absence and will usually consist of a number of defined stages.

The policy should have clear rules on reporting all periods of absence and absence levels should be consistently and accurately recorded.

Return to work interviews is an effect way of encouraging reliable employee attendance.

If you would like to have an attendance management policy in place at your organisation contact or call 07946 541606.

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