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Worker, Employee or Self-Employed? Do you know the difference?

Generally anyone who is not genuinely self-employed and works for you is a worker or an employee. An employee is someone who works under an employment contract and is usually obliged to work a minimum number of hours per week.

A worker will also work under some form of contract but has fewer employment rights than an employee. However they will usually

have fewer obligations to their employer than an employee. They have certain employment rights including getting the minimum wage, statutory minimum holiday among others.

A self-employed person is someone who is in business for themselves and they can decide what work they do, when, where or how. They can also hire someone else to do the work. They use their own money to buy business assets and provide tools and equipment for their work. They work for more than one client.

Employers face fines and back tax demands from HMRC and fines and unpaid benefit demands from a tribunal, if they get this wrong.

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