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Performance Appraisals are good for business

Performance appraisals (or performance reviews) is a process for individual employees

and those concerned with their performance, to engage in a dialogue about their performance and development and what support they need in their role. It is used to both assess recent performance and focus on future objectives, opportunities and resources needed.

What a good appraisal looks like:

  • achievement is recognised and reinforced

  • appraisers listen actively to what appraisees say

  • there is scope for reflection and analysis

  • performance and behaviour analysed, not personality

  • the whole period is reviewed andnot just recent or isolated events

  • action plans are agreed for improvement and development.

A bad appraisal meeting:

  • focuses on a catalogue of failures and omissions

  • is controlled by the appraiser

  • ends with disagreement betweenappraiser and appraisee

  • leaves the appraisee feeling disengaged or demotivated by the process

If you need any further information or help with setting up an appraisal scheme tailor made for your company, we have a lot of experience in this area. Please contact us as or ring 07946 541606

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